Detailed Course Description/Syllabus

Course PLFR - Financial Ratio Analysis
Developed and Delivered by Steven C Isberg, Ph.D.
Sr Research Fellow, Credit Research Foundation

This course is designed to equip you with a skill set consisting of analytical tools and a practical method that can be utilized in conducting a meaningful financial statement and ratio analysis in a brief period of time. In the early sessions, you will learn the calculation and meaning of a variety of financial ratios. Once mastered, you will work through a variety of live business case studies, enabling the mastery of the financial analysis process. After completing the course, you will have the ability to accurately assess the sustainability of a business operating and financial model, and develop an understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • Profitability, Efficiency, Liquidity and Leverage Ratios
  • Analysis of General and Industry Economic Dynamics
  • Analysis of Business Operating and Financial Strategies
  • Case Applications
  • - Retailing companies
    - Distribution companies
    - Manufacturing companies
    - Service and technology companies
This course is delivered by Steven C Isberg, Ph.D., Sr Research Fellow, Credit Research Foundation. In addition to his primary role as adjunct professor at the Merrick Business School at the University of Baltimore, Dr. Isberg has been involved with the Credit Research Foundation for over 20 years, designing and participating in customized training programs, a variety of research projects, directing and reviewing surveys, and writing and reviewing publications.

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