Detailed Course Description/Syllabus

Course PLWC - Working Capital and Liquidity Risk Assessment
Developed and Delivered by Steven C Isberg, Ph.D.
Sr Research Fellow, Credit Research Foundation

This course provides participants with the ability to understand the detailed elements of working capital and conduct a liquidity risk assessment for a company by examining financial statements, notes to financial statements, and important financial ratios and trends. The course uses a variety of actual company case examples and exercises to bring the concepts of liquidity risk assessment to life and provide participants with a set of tools that they can use to conduct an analysis of working capital and liquidity risk for their customers.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • Calculating different financial ratios
  • Understanding the elements of working capital
  • Understanding the sources of working capital information
  • Impact of timing on liquidity risk
  • Derivative use and liquidity risk
  • Liquidity and financial distress
  • Managing liquidity using short term credit lines
  • Case applications
This course is delivered by Steven C Isberg, Ph.D., Sr Research Fellow, Credit Research Foundation. In addition to his primary role as adjunct professor at the Merrick Business School at the University of Baltimore, Dr. Isberg has been involved with the Credit Research Foundation for over 20 years, designing and participating in customized training programs, a variety of research projects, directing and reviewing surveys, and writing and reviewing publications.

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